​Chuck's Bio


  I grew up with a passion for farming from backyard chickens as seen in family photos that show me on a horse or tractor since I could walk to modern day hobby and ranch farming.  After 30 plus years experience in the equine, cattle, pet feed and sales industry, I work hard to maintain a strong reputation for creating lasting business relationships,  and growing new brands. In addition, I've worked with brand owners to develop quality feeds for equine, poultry and pets with a focus on natural ingredients that work.  I've enjoyed being a local 4H steer project leader and supported my own children through raising cattle, swine, and poultry.  My son had the champion steer one year with a sickly little guy that we didn't think would make it but he was free and good nutrition got him on track to being a winner!

  I  created my company name from a childhood memory growing up in Del mar California, when I wasn't riding my horse from a ranch to the beach, I worked at the local feed stores and still remember Flying C Feed.

  My first full time job  began as a Ranch Foreman, then it progressed to making deliveries and driving a commercial truck for pet feed companies. I worked hard to build good relationships and grew from an outside sales Rep with a major distribution corporation to managing sales operations for another large pet feed distribution center in Southern California. As an independent rep I've grown start-up brands and successfully guided their marketing and distribution choices while being a road warrior for sales. One of my family business ventures included running a pet grooming business.

  In my spare time, I'm  on a horse or helping with cattle on a ranch. I've put more hours in the saddle than I can recall and loved every minute. My farming hobbies included  starting colts and raising poultry, so it was critical that I learn as much as possible about animal nutrition and care. I also enjoy my  ride groups such as; the Los Senderos members and it's been a privilage to be a part of The DeAnza Trail Cabelleros  ride group. Although I'm on the board, what I love most is the comradeship, and our annual 130 ave. mile ride to prepare and care for our horses so they can perform at their best. I love to ride in the back to help newcomers get through the challenge as it's one worth

  I have sponsored professional riders at many levels and share their feedback with the creators of my brands to deliver products that work.

  I have two goals in my future;

1) To offer quality, creativity and a diversity of products that help you or your business deliver the best products on the planet!

 2)  It's a work in progress to live my life the way I dream... as a farm family who can grow, nurture, create, enjoy and then share with everyone!