​“When Max came to live with me about a year ago, his feet were in poor condition. So poor, in fact, that even tacking a shoe on him was challenging for my farrier. His hoof quality was fragile, thin and brittle. When I saw Four Hoof on the shelf at the feed store and read the ingredients, I snatched up a bucket and started Max on the supplement. His hoof quality has improved remarkably and he has become quite an active athlete for me–from trail rides, to parades and now performing on a professional mounted drill team, his feet are definitely taking him places! His hoof quality had improved so dramatically, in fact, that I had discontinued the supplement at one point. I was disturbed when about a month later, I noted a distinct line on all 4 of his hooves–the hoof quality had declined dramatically when Four Hoof had been discontinued from his diet. Back on the Four Hoof he went, and I became a true believer. I have seen what this supplement can do right before my eyes! I thoroughly believe in this product and I regularly recommend it for my patients with hoof quality issues.”

Dr. Miska Paget, DVM

Ethen Thouvenell Champion Steer Wrestler, supports Renew Gold for Cool energy and Four Flex joint support

​"I have moved all of my horses over to Renew Gold™, and taken them off all grains. The difference in their coats, mane, tails and hooves is amazing!!  Better yet, they are extremely consistent in their work, the hotter ones cool down, and the ones that need more energy have picked up. Renew Gold™ has been the perfect addition to our feed program, for performance and health, I don't think there is anything better!!!"
Steffen and Shannon Peters

Don Moore and Nic my national Super Horse Champion, powered by Renew gold

"Since feeding Renew Gold, I have noticed better utilization of feed, more consistent temperament, and better hoof and hair coat condition."
Sherry Cervie 



So CA DISC dogs reach great heights with Renew Gold balance!